Understanding Financial Aid

Learn about the various kinds of Financial Aid that may be available to you while in Nursing School with Nurse Kelly, MSN, RN. All of the essential components of applying for and receiving Financial Aid are covered in detail, including a walk-through of completing the application forms and FAFSA.

Welcome to NurseHub’s Course about Understanding Financial Aid. Going through nursing school is challenging enough; add in the financials, and it can be overwhelming. NurseHub has put together a course covering the basics of financial aid. We wish for our users to be successful the first time around with all components of nursing school, including financial aid. There are different buckets of financial aid. Some include items that you don’t have to pay back, and some of them you do. It certainly is a lot of important information with many difficult choices. Let’s get you comfortable with financial aid so you can make the best decision.

Check out this video from our Nursing School Content Development Manager and Course Leader, Kelly Shafaie, MSN, RN – she’ll walk you through what the course offers and where to find everything.

You can get started with the Introduction to Financial Aid lesson below, which is free for everyone to try! To learn more about Financial Aid, click the “Enroll Now” button and sign up for a premium membership today!

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Course Includes

  • Find out if Financial Aid is a fit for you during nursing school
  • Learn the different options that all fall under Financial Aid
  • Learn how to complete the application process
  • Follow along with walk-through videos on the process
  • Strategic overview for using your Financial Aid