Understanding Insurance

Build your understanding of Insurance and protect your professional reputation and license. Jasmine Reece, RN will guide you through the different types of insurance and why both professional and student nurses need it.

Welcome to NurseHubโ€™s Course on Understanding Insurance. This course is designed to help you learn about how insurance protects both nursing professionals and nursing students. It will also review what nurses can be sued for and the types of claims youโ€™re covered for by insurance. Finally, youโ€™ll learn about the different types of insurance available to you.

Check out this video from Jasmine Reece, RN โ€“ sheโ€™ll walk you through what the course has to offer and where to find everything.

You can get started with the Introduction to Understanding Insurance lesson below, which is free for everyone to try! If you want to learn more about Insurance, sign up for aย premium membershipย today!

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Course Includes

  • Review the reasons why professional nurses need insurance
  • Review the reasons why nursing students need insurance
  • Learn about the different types of insurance