Nursing School: Prepare For Class

You have a brand new backpack, spiral notebooks in every color, and a fresh pack of highlighters. You are ready for class. Right? Well,…not quite. That is, unless you’ve checked out the latest, greatest course developed to help students prepare for nursing school. 

This post will give you a sneak peek of what you will see in the full premium NurseHub Preparing for Class course. Plus, you can watch the intro video here to see what it’s like!

NurseHub just released a new course in the Prepare for Nursing School series. The growing library of video lessons is helping nursing students gear up for school with topics like:

Check them all out, and watch for more content to be added.


How To Start Preparing For Class

With help from NurseHub, you can start your semester off on the right foot––before you even step into the classroom. Check out the first video in the Preparing for Class series: Introduction to Preparing for Class. In this on-demand course, NurseHub’s Reading Content Development Manager, Nicole will walk you through crucial keys to preparing for nursing classes, including:

  • How to use your syllabus to set yourself up for success
  • Which reading strategies can support pre-reading
  • How to approach note-taking before and during class

And Nicole doesn’t just tell you how to do it. Nicole actually shows you––with real-life examples you can start using now to get ready for your next nursing course. With these skills in your nurse bag, you will make the most of your time spent in class.

Syllabus Studies

Your class syllabus is a guidebook. That’s why you need to know exactly how to read and use it. Lessons one and two in this course show you how to use your syllabus to plan out your semester. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this information.

Active Reading and Note-Taking

Active reading and good note-taking are the next keys to preparing for class that students will learn or review in NurseHub’s new course. In lesson three, you will see how to take notes that will actually help your focus, memory, creativity, and engagement. Then in lesson four, you learn how to read actively.

Preparing for Class Wrap-Up

In the course wrap-up, Nicole gives students final tips to prepare for class. You’ll also learn how to get ongoing help and support as the year and nursing courses progress. 

How Long Should I Prepare for Class?

Before the semester starts, you should start preparing as early as you can. The more time you put into getting ready, the better off you will be when official instruction starts. 


When class starts, nursing students should spend between 2–4 hours each day studying. Active listening and effective note-taking can help you master your material faster. For more tips and plans on how to study in nursing school, check out Nurse Kelly’s Study Skills course, too. You’ll get the chance to find your personal learning style and create study habits that work best for you.


NurseHub’s Prepare for Nursing School series also features a course on Time Management. Read more about the Time Management full course in this post or watch the Time Management Tips & Skills intro video here.


And for more study tips and tricks, connect with nursing students like yourself in the Nursing 101 group. Ask questions about nursing school or share your best tips to prepare. 


The Preparing for Class course will help you whether it’s you are applying to nursing school, starting your first semester, or finishing your last class.  To enroll in the course, click “Enroll” to sign up for a premium membership today!

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We want you to succeed. So, we are constantly working on new resources for nursing students like you. We are with you, and we believe in you. You’ve got this!


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