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Welcome to NurseHub’s lesson on Using Suffixes to Determine Word Meaning. This lesson will help to prepare you for this skill on the TEAS VI exam.

Below you will find common suffixes to study using the flashcards. Simply click on the right of the box to “flip” the flashcard.


act or process of

Examples: refusal, recital

-ance, -ence

state or quality of

Examples: maintenance, existence

-er, -or

one who

Examples: doctor, trainer


doctrine or belief

Examples: skepticism, communism


one who

Examples: chemist, biologist


state of being

Examples: happiness, heaviness

-able, -ible

capable (of being)

Examples: credible, presentable


notable for

Examples: doubtful, hopeful

-ous, -ious

characterized by

Examples: dubious, nutritious, momentous



Examples: endless, childless


characterized by

Examples: greedy, hasty