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We only exist for one reason: to get you into nursing school. 

We have been where you are today.

NurseHub’s future founder, Alex Hollis, was accepted into the Teach For America Corps of 2009 and was assigned to teach physics in Mississippi. Having not studied physics since high school, finding quality test prep was an absolute necessity.

He quickly found that every test prep product out there had the same glaring issues:

1. There were not enough practice tests.

2. The practice tests they did have looked nothing like the real exam.

3. Answer explanations were unclear, riddled with errors, or completely missing.

After spending money on test prep solutions with lackluster answer explanations and countless hours studying inaccurate test items, Alex failed the exam – by one point!

So we started NurseHub.


Alex did eventually pass the exam on his own, but he noticed that his graduating high school students were having the same test prep experience when preparing for their nursing school entrance exams. In fact, it was worse:

It was clear that these test prep companies had just recycled materials from their other question banks, throwing a bunch of SAT math and ACT reading questions together and selling it as prep for the HESI A2, Wonderlic SLE, or ATI TEAS.

The reason is that many of these test prep companies try to build prep for 50, 100, or in some cases hundreds of exams. This makes it very hard to create high-quality, unique practice tests that look just like the real exam and even harder to continuously update those practice tests.

This is why we built NurseHub.

Our only goal is to prepare you for your nursing school entrance exams. We are not distracted by anything else – our only focus is you. And that’s what allows us to obsess over the accuracy of our practice tests and the quality of our answer explanations.

Because the only better feeling than walking into your exam with confidence is walking out with pride.


At NurseHub, we know that the only better feeling than walking into your exam with confidence is walking out with pride knowing you passed.

Our only goal as a company is to make sure that every single one of our customers feels exactly that.

Our promise is this:

1. We only put out the best and most helpful practice questions. We thoroughly address every topic that is actually tested on the real exam so there are no surprises on test day. You WILL be prepared.

2. All of our questions are unique and never recycled. If you see a question in our Wonderlic SLE question bank, that is because we wrote it for our Wonderlic SLE question bank.

3. We never skimp out on answer explanations.  Every question includes a detailed answer explanation. Each answer explanation is crafted by expert teachers and vigorously edited to ensure that it is thorough and clear. The purpose of our answer explanations is that they effectively teach you the content that you don’t know so you never feel left behind – even if you’ve been out of school for years.

4. We never impose limits on how much you can study. Most test prep companies will sell you a subscription to their test prep products. We don’t do that. Buy one of our prep products once and it is your for life. Launch as many practice tests as you want, whenever you want, for life.

5. We respond to every email in 24 hours or less if we are not immediately available via chat. We are passionate about customer service and will always be here for you.

Pass guarantee

Our only goal is to prepare you for your nursing school entrance exams, and we are really, really good at that. However, if someone doesn’t pass their exam, then we have not met our goal and want to make it right and we will refund you up to three months and pay for your exam retake.

It’s as simple as that.

If you don’t pass your exam, we will refund you up to three months and pay for your exam retake. Just email us at [email protected].


Happy customers

“I passed the test !! I have to say the practice tests were more than accurate. I am off to celebrate, but I wanted to thank you!”

Dominique S.

Accepted to Gurnick Academy

β€œI had failed the SLE twice and only had one more chance so I bought your question bank and guess what? I PASSED! Thank you!”

Sara J.

Accepted to Keiser University

“I’ve been out of school 28 years and was nervous about the SLE. Your tests were very accurate. I could not have passed without them. “

Cheryl A.

Accepted to PIMA Medical Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose NurseHub over other test prep solutions?

We understand that there are a lot of test prep solutions out there. This is what you get when you choose our practice tests:

1. More practice questions. Most prep solutions provide you with one or two full practice tests. We know how important practice is, so we make sure to include as many practice tests and extra questions as possible.

2. Superior accuracy. We only put out high-quality, accurate tests so you don’t waste your time studying things that aren’t on the real exam, or (even worse) see topics on the real exam you weren’t expecting. We want you to know exactly what is coming up on your real exam and prepare you for it using the most realistic questions we can possibly give you. That is why, unlike many other test prep sites, we never recycle our questions. All of our Wonderlic SLE questions were created for our Wonderlic SLE product. Same with the TEAS, the HESI, and on and on.

3. Better answer explanations. There is nothing worse than getting a question incorrect and not knowing why or how to answer it correctly in the future. Furthermore, many of our customers have been out of school for years, so having extremely detailed, easy-to-understand answer explanations is of utmost importance to us. Every answer explanation aims to effectively teach you the content so you won’t get that question wrong again.

4. Two easy ways to studyOur products always give you the opportunity to mimic the real test environment as well as go at your own pace.

5. Study now with no limits. You don’t have to wait to receive a book in the mail – you get immediate access to your practice tests so you can start studying right away. You can take the tests as many times as you want, when you want, where you want. You have lifetime access and no test limits.

Tell me more about NurseHub's Practice Tests Packs?

Our Practice Test Packs are very easy to use. Immediately after completing checkout, you can will see a new tab in the navigation header that says My Test Packs. In there, you can launch a test with the click of a button.

How does the pass guarantee work?

Our goal is to help you pass your exam. If you don’t pass, we will refund you up to three months and pay for your exam retake. Just reach out to us directly at [email protected].

Are the questions in NurseHub's Practice Test Packs the same as the real exam?

No. We take great care in developing realistic and challenging questions, answers, and detailed explanations to teach you all the content you need to know to pass your exam; however we cannot know, nor could we legally or ethically provide the exact questions and answers you will see on your exam. NurseHub is a site developed by teachers for you to learn – not to memorize.

How do NurseHub's teachers develop questions?

NurseHub’s professional educators analyze and break down every concept and topic your exam will test you on to craft accurate, challenging questions to prepare you for your exam. They then carefully build out thorough, detailed, step-by-step answer explanations so that you can effectively and efficiently learn the content and excel on exam day.


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We typically respond in 24 hours or less.

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