Alexander 20.11.2021

Free HESI A2 Practice Test

Did you just find out you have to pass the HESI A2© to get into your nursing program? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We have helped thousands of people prepare for the HESI A2© and are so glad you are here!

Below, you will find links to sample tests for each one of the individual subject areas.

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What is the HESI A2?

The HESI A2© (also known as the Evolve Reach Admissions Assessment) is a common nursing school entrance exam.

What subjects are on the HESI exam?

The HESI A2© consists of 8 separate test areas. Those test areas include mathematicsreading comprehensionvocabularygrammarbiologychemistryanatomy & physiology, and physics. The school you are applying to will tell you which of these 8 test areas you will need to take.

Almost all programs will require you to take the math, reading, vocabulary, and grammar parts of the test. In addition, some school may require you to take the biology and anatomy sections. It is rare that a school will ask you to take chemistry or physics.

How many questions are on each section?

Here is a breakdown of the number of questions you will face on each section of the HESI exam:

  • Mathematics (50 questions, 50 minutes)
  • Reading Comprehension (47 questions, 60 minutes)
  • Vocabulary (50 questions, 50 minutes)
  • Grammar (50 questions, 50 minutes)
  • Biology (25 questions, 25 minutes)
  • Chemistry (25 questions, 25 minutes)
  • Anatomy & Physiology (25 questions, 25 minutes)
  • Physics (25 questions, 25 minutes)

Is it multiple choice?

It is multiple choice except for a couple of math problems which will be fill-in-the-blank.

How much does the HESI exam cost?

The cost to sit for the exam is $40.00.

Where do I take the test?

The program’s admissions counselor will work with you to schedule your exam at a Prometric testing center near you. You will take the exam on a computer and it will be proctored (someone will be there to watch you take it).

What is a passing score?

The program you are applying to has a pre-determined passing score. However, most programs require a 70% – 80% on each test section.

What happens if I don’t pass my exam?

You can take the test once every 60 days but only three times in a year. After three times in one year, you will have to wait until the next year to sit for the exam again.

How to prepare for your upcoming HESI A2

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