HESI A2 Study Plan

Are you gearing up for the HESI A2 exam? Whether you have one month or three, we’ve crafted comprehensive study plans to guide you through your preparation journey step-by-step. Plus, grab your chance to practice with our free HESI A2 Practice Test!

One-Month Study Plan:

For those with a tight schedule, our one-month study plan is a compact guide focusing on key areas and intensive practice.

Nursehub HESI 1 Month Study Plan

Two-Month Study Plan:

Double your prep time with our two-month plan. This option allows for deeper understanding and more practice.

Nursehub HESI 2 Months Study Plan

Three-Month Study Plan:

Our most comprehensive option, the three-month study plan, is perfect for thorough preparation.

hesi a2 study guides

No matter your timeline, NurseHub has a study plan to suit your needs. Download your plan today and take a significant step towards acing the HESI A2. Remember, practice makes perfect – make sure to utilize our free practice test for the best preparation!

Boost Your Prep with Our Free HESI A2 Practice Test

Don’t miss out on our free HESI A2 Practice Test. It’s a fantastic way to gauge your readiness and identify areas needing improvement.



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  1. I took the Hesi exam fall of 2022. Flunked the first time and I knew I would because me and math just dont mix :-). I then purchased the Nurse hub subscription studied only one month. Took the hesi exam again and missed the passing grade for math by 4 points and vocabulary by one point. AGH ! But I will say studying Nursehub that one month definitely helped bring up my grade. My plans is to take Hesi again for the third time and pass with confidence! Also, sturdy much longer.
    Good luck to all!

  2. I am still nervous about taking this test, but Nurse Hub is a great tool.

  3. I failed my test with a score of 80 A and P,84 Math,78 reading but Iโ€™m gonna try again and pass.

  4. I have already taken the hesi-a2 the first time did not score high enough. So this is my ast hope re-take in 30days desperate to pass!

  5. Hello, I took the hesi a2 this past Saturday, 3/30. I passed everything but math. My plan is to diligently study for these next three months in hopes to pass and start the July semester for nursing.

  6. Thank you for this detailed breakdown and all of the resources here at NurseHub!! Good luck to all future nurses!!

  7. I just signed up on Nurse hub to study for my HESI in March.
    I completed my Pre requisites last December and looking forward to nurse hub for a successful study time

  8. I want to thank Nurse Hub and all the fantastic study guides . I advise anyone who want to pass the Hesi A2 please use Nurse Hub as your go to resource. I passed on the first try. Thanks so much . I will continue to use it through nursing school . I passed !!!! BSN here I come .

  9. Thanks!!!! This has helped a lot. I am not a big math person, but Iโ€™m determined to be a nurse. I will pass!