Preparing for Class

Learn how to effectively prepare for each of your Nursing School classes using your syllabus, reading strategies, and note-taking strategies. You will review how to read and use your syllabus, effective ways to review required material before class, and the best ways to take notes both before and during class. With these skills under your belt, you'll be able to make the most of your time spent in and out of class and walk away from detailed, structured notes that you can use while studying!

Welcome to NurseHubโ€™s Course aboutย Preparing for Class. This course is designed to help you learn how to best prepare for your Nursing School classes and exams. Nicole will walk you through how to use your syllabus, how to use reading strategies for your pre-reading, and how to effectively take notes before and during class. Youโ€™ll begin to build your understanding of the best ways for you to read and take excellent notes, which will help you excel while in Nursing School (and beyond)!

Check out this video from our Reading Content Development Manager, Nicole Guha โ€“ sheโ€™ll walk you through what the course has to offer and where to find everything.

You can get started with the Introduction to Preparing for Class lesson below, which is free for everyone to try! If you want to learn more about Preparing for Class, sign up for a premium membership today!

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Course Includes

  • Review how to read and use your syllabus to set you up for success
  • Learn reading strategies to support you in your pre-reading for class
  • Learn effective strategies to take notes before and during class to help you retain important information
  • Follow along while Nicole walks you through a real-time example of active reading and note-taking with a sample text and lecture