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  • 5 Topics

    Overcoming Testing Anxiety

    Learn how to better understand the anxiety you feel when exam day approaches. This course covers what anxiety can feel like, how you can work to manage it when you're worried about your exams, and possible accommodations that may be available to you at your school.
  • 4 Topics

    Preparing for Class

    Learn how to effectively prepare for each of your Nursing School classes using your syllabus, reading strategies, and note-taking strategies. You will review how to read and use your syllabus, effective ways to review required material before class, and the best ways to take notes both before and during class. With these skills under your belt, you'll be able to make the most of your time spent in and out of class and walk away from detailed, structured notes that you can use while studying!
  • 5 Topics


    Learn about or review the professional expectations you will be held to as a professional nursing student. Nurse Sarah Falcone, RN will take you through the different tenets of professionalism you will be expected to uphold while in Nursing School, with concrete examples about what does and does not meet those expectations. This course can be used in conjunction with your specific program's handbook, which may include more detailed expectations or additional requirements.
  • 6 Topics


    Learn about the importance of self-care and how to develop your own self-care plan or routine with health and wellness expert Soraya Rufener, RN. Soraya will walk you through this self-care course, discussing the different types of self-care that are important to include in your routine as well as providing strategies on how to ensure you are prioritizing self-care during nursing school and beyond.
  • 6 Topics

    Simulation 101

    Learn all about the Simulations used in Nursing School with Nurse Kelly, MSN, RN. She will walk you through the basics of simulation, show you examples of types of simulation you will see in Nursing School, and teach you the key points of SBARR.
  • 5 Topics

    Study Skills

    Learn how to develop efficient and successful study strategies and plans while in Nursing School with Nurse Kelly, MSN, RN. All of the important parts of developing a successful study plan are covered in detail, including opportunities to try the strategies on your own.
  • 5 Topics

    Test – Taking Strategies

    Learn how to prepare for and excel in your nursing school exams with Nurse Kelly, MSN, RN. This course covers how to prepare for your exams, strategies to use while taking your exams, and how to review and reflect on your results.
  • 9 Topics

    Time Management

    Learn how to effectively manage your time while in Nursing School with Nurse Kelly, MSN, RN. Proven Time Management Strategies are covered in detail, including opportunities to practice with each one.