Learn about the importance of self-care and how to develop your own self-care plan or routine with health and wellness expert Soraya Rufener, RN. Soraya will walk you through this self-care course, discussing the different types of self-care that are important to include in your routine as well as providing strategies on how to ensure you are prioritizing self-care during nursing school and beyond.

Welcome to NurseHubโ€™s Course about Self-Care. This course is designed to help you learn about the importance of making Self-Care a priority while in Nursing School (and beyond!). Youโ€™ll review the different types of self-care and their importance within a larger self-care routine. Youโ€™ll also learn strategies you can turn around and start using today in order to make self-care a priority and ensure you are making it a part of your time-management planning process!

Check out this video from our Course Instructor, Self-Care and Wellness expert Soraya Rufener, RN โ€“ sheโ€™ll walk you through what the course has to offer and where to find everything.

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Course Includes

  • Review the importance of making self-care a priority
  • Review how self-care impacts your ability to succeed in school and in your career
  • Learn about different forms of self-care
  • Learn strategies to help support the different pieces of the self-care puzzle
  • Set goals (and rewards) for yourself to keep self-care front and center
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