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Free ATI TEAS 6 Practice Test

Did you just find out you have to pass the ATI TEAS 6© to get into your nursing program? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We have helped thousands of people prepare for the TEAS test and are so glad you are here!

Below, you will find links to sample tests for each one of the four subject areas.

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Things to Know about Your ATI TEAS 6 Exam

What is the TEAS Test?

The ATI TEAS VI is the most commonly used nursing school entrance exam.

What subjects are on the TEAS test?

The ATI TEAS VI consists of 4 separate test areas. Those test areas include readingmathscience, and English language & usage.

How many questions are in each section?

Here is a breakdown of the number of questions you will face on each section of the TEAS test:

  • Reading (53 questions, 64 minutes)
  • Math (36 questions, 54 minutes)
  • Science (53 questions, 63 minutes)
  • English Language & Usage (28 questions, 28 minutes)

Is it multiple choice?

The TEAS test is multiple choice.

How much does the TEAS test cost?

The cost to sit for the exam varies depending on your testing location. However, it is generally under $100.

Where do I take the test?

The program’s admissions counselor will work with you to schedule your exam at a Prometric testing center near you or at the school, itself. You will take the exam on a computer and it will be proctored (someone will be there to watch you take it).

What is the passing score?

Each individual program sets its own passing scores. However, most programs require at least a 70% – 80% on each test section.
In some cases, schools simply take the top scores from each application class.

What happens if I don’t pass my exam?

Each school has its own retake policy. However, many schools allow you to retake the test after a 45-day waiting period.

How to prepare for your upcoming TEAS test

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