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If you just found out that you have to pass a Wonderlic SLE to get into nursing school, then you have come to the right place! Below you will find a full-length Wonderlic SLE practice test that looks just like the one you have to take to get into nursing school.

If you need to take the Wonderlic SLE-Q (the 30-question version) we have that too! Just hop on over here to take it.

FREE BONUS: Click here to get immediate access to your free printable version of this practice test.

When you are ready to begin your free Wonderlic SLE-Q practice test, click the “Start Quiz!” button below. Best of luck and let us know what you think in the comments section! 

Wonderlic SLE Practice Test (50 Questions)

This is a free sample Wonderlic test that looks just like the one you will take to get into nursing school. This quiz mimics the full 50-question, 12-minute Wonderlic test known as the Wonderlic SLE. You will not be allowed to use a calculator, dictionary or any outside resources on the real exam, so we recommend practicing without these as well. Many people do not finish the exam in the 12 minutes allotted but do your best. Try not to spend too much time on any one question. You should gather some pencils and scrap paper before you begin.

Click the Start Exam button to proceed.

This quiz must be completed in 12 minutes.

Wonderlic SLE FAQ’s

You probably have questions about your upcoming Wonderlic SLE, so we are including some of the most frequently asked questions about the Wonderlic SLE below. 

Wonderlic SLE Practice Test – Video Walkthrough

Presented by Alex Hollis

What is the Wonderlic SLE?

Let’s start with the absolute basics. The Wonderlic SLE (SLE Test) is the most common cognitive ability test used in school admissions.

What is a cognitive ability test?

A cognitive ability test is essentially just an IQ test. It is a timed test with question types that include logic games, spatial reasoning, math, and verbal skills. 

Why do nursing schools use the Wonderlic SLE?

All academic programs, including nursing, have important key metrics that they advertise to make their program look more prestigious. The more prestigious the school looks, the more applicants they get.

The key metrics that schools advertise to show the legitimacy of their programs include:

  • Student retention
  • Graduation rate
  • Job placement rate

For example, if you saw that only 20% of students that graduated from ABC Nursing College got jobs after they graduated, you probably would not want to spend the money to go to ABC Nursing College.

The Wonderlic SLE is supposed to help admissions departments predict whether you are going to stay in school, do well enough to graduate and succeed as a nurse after nursing school.

Whether the Wonderlic SLE actually succeeds at doing this is uncertain, but the test is beatable with a little bit of preparation and practice.

What is the difference between the Wonderlic SLE and the Wonderlic SLE-Q?

Don’t stress that there are two versions of the test. Each exam has very similar question types. The only differences are how long they are and where you take them.

Let’s break down the difference between the Wonderlic SLE and the Wonderlic SLE-Q:

As you can see in the table above, the difference between the two tests is that the SLE-Q is shorter and taken at home online.

What is on the Wonderlic SLE?

The Wonderlic SLE includes questions from 4 different categories:

1. General Knowledge Questions. These include questions like What is the 8th month of the year? and How many of the following names are exact duplicates?

2. Logic/Shape Questions. These include questions requiring you to find patterns in a group of shapes and questions asking you if a third statement is true based on two previous statements.

3. Verbal Reasoning. Analogies, vocabulary, and idioms (proverbs) make up this question category.

4. Word Problems. These problems test your algebra skills as well as your ability to calculate averages, ratios, percentages, and operations with decimals – all in your head (no calculators allowed).

If you haven’t already, check out the free Wonderlic SLE practice test above to get a really good feel for what is on the test.

How is the Wonderlic SLE scored?

The scoring on the Wonderlic is very straightforward. Your score is simply how many out of the 50 questions you got correct. So, if you answer 22 questions correctly, your score would be a 22.

Can I use a calculator on the Wonderlic SLE?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to use a calculator (or any outside help) on the exam. You could probably get away with it (although we don’t condone cheating) if you are taking the non-proctored, off-campus Wonderlic SLE-Q; however, it would be impossible to cheat on the full-length Wonderlic SLE as it is proctored. This means that someone will be watching you take the test.

You can (and should) use scrap paper and a pencil.

Can I guess on the Wonderlic SLE?

Yes! Unlike many other admissions tests, you don’t lose points if you answer a question incorrectly. Your score is simply the total number of questions you answered correctly out of the 50 available questions.

This also means you should guess if you do not know the answer. You don’t lose points for guessing and getting the question incorrect, but you definitely don’t earn any points if you leave the question blank!

Is the Wonderlic SLE all multiple choice?

The Wonderlic SLE is mostly multiple choice. However, some questions (usually math problems) are open-answer. This makes guessing a little more difficult.

Can I skip questions on the Wonderlic SLE?

Yes! Even on the online version of the exam you can skip questions and return to them later. This does take up valuable time, so we recommend making a guess, moving on, and then coming back to the question later if/when you have time at the end of the test.

What score do I need to pass the Wonderlic SLE?

Every school has a predetermined passing score for each of their programs. For nurses, we recommend shooting for at least a 23.

How many times can I take the Wonderlic SLE?

This is up to the school you are applying to, but we usually see schools put a limit of 3 attempts per year. 

What if I don’t pass my Wonderlic SLE exam?

Most people that do not prepare for the Wonderlic SLE fail the exam. This is because the Wonderlic SLE is so different from any other test most applicants have taken.

A big part of the difficulty is due to the time element of the exam. You only have an average of 14 seconds to answer each question, which is almost no time at all (especially if it has been a while since you have done any algebra problems). Only 2% of test-takers finish the exam on time.

The good news is that the Wonderlic SLE is very beatable. In fact, if you just learn a few Wonderlic test-taking strategies and take practice exams, you should be just fine and pass the exam on your first try.

*Shameless plug: our online course will have you fully prepared to pass the SLE on your first try in only 3 hours, even if you have been out of school for years. Actually, our online course is so good that we offer a pass guarantee. If you don’t pass your Wonderlic test on your first try, you get a full refund.

How do I pass the Wonderlic SLE on my first try?

To pass the Wonderlic SLE on your first try, you need to do two things:

1. Prepare. If you know the strategies to help you finish the test on time, understand how to answer all of the questions efficiently, and know what traps on the test to avoid, you will do very well. Most people fail because they go into the exam totally unprepared and are thrown off by the very challenging time aspect of the exam.

2. Practice. Once you know the strategies and how to answer each question type quickly and correctly, you lock that all in with lots and lots of practice. The more you practice, the more comfortable you get with the timing and the more questions you will answer correctly.

Our online course reviews everything you need to know in only 3 hours. It comes with 5 full practice tests and a pass guarantee. You can learn more about our complete online course here. This is, by far, your best study option if you want to pass the Wonderlic SLE on your first try.

Be fully prepared for the Wonderlic SLE in only 3 hours

Our self-paced online course comes with 5 full practice tests and a pass guarantee. Get into nursing school or your money back.

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